Extra time

After a hard day of training, number 10 Tamir cannot help practicing a little more sport with the cute little Price!

Without even waiting for their teammates to leave, he lays down Price on the ground, lowers his white boxer and pushes his hard cock inside the fennec’s tight little ass. Quickly, the swift movements of the rabbit and the slamming of his muscular thighs on his buttock make Price’s pleasure rise.
Very slowly, the sperm begins to flow from his cock… At the edge of pleasure, he feels his boxer become wet, and the hot fluid starts to flow through the fabric…

Against him, Tamir tenses, hangs… A long spurt of cum fills Price, overflowing his ass… The rabbit enjoys violently… The number 7 cannot hold back anymore and soaks his boxer shorts…!

Wet with sweat and cum, the two friends hug, ready to start over…

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